How to lay the foundation of the wooden house?

Oct. 27,2020

The foundation is the foundation of construction, and it must be done. How to do it depends on the topography and size of the site. Generally, a formal log house company will go to the site to check it, and then tell you how to make a design plan for you, etc. It is recommended to find a professional person to do the house building. This is the foundation built on a slope, so one side is high and the other is low. The quality of the wooden house column foundation should also be paid attention to, depending on the soil quality of the specific building location, and there should be column feet. Wooden foundation construction generally uses concrete pouring methods, and then wooden structures are built on this foundation. In other words, the foundation of a wooden house is generally not made of stacked wood. And the wooden house foundation generally includes foundation walls and foundation pillars, as well as footings. If a basement or crawl space or overhead layer is designed in the foundation wall, concrete slabs of the same height as the floor may be laid between the foundation walls. Although the basic structure is the most basic part of the wooden building structure, its role is very huge, and it must be able to withstand the load transmitted by its own weight and its superstructure. But when it comes to construction costs, because the weight of wooden structures is lighter than that of concrete and rigid structures, and is limited to three floors, the foundation is small and construction costs are saved.

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How to lay the foundation of the wooden house?


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