How to prevent discoloration of preservative wood?

Oct. 27,2020

The following editor will give you an introduction on how to prevent discoloration of preservative wood?

1. Wood is easily affected by the external environment, causing the texture of the wood surface to be loose, rough, discolored, discolored, and even the wood loses surface adhesion fibers and breaks, cracks or brittle fragments gradually fall off

2. Photochromic: Some substances in wood choose to absorb light with a wavelength greater than 290nm, and the electrons change between energy levels to form a photochromic chemical bond, leading to a change in wood color.

3. Prevent photochromism: block ultraviolet light and ultraviolet rays; change the structure of light-absorbing components in the material, destroy the structure of discolored substances, thereby isolating oxygen and trapping atomic oxygen, trapping free radicals and extracting solvents

4. The composite natural polymer compound is mainly composed of cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin and a small amount of extract. It not only contains chromophore groups such as carbonyl carboxyl unsaturated double bonds and conjugate systems, but also contains chromophores such as hydroxyl groups.

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