How to repair and prevent anticorrosive wood flooring?

Oct. 27,2020

The following editor will introduce to you how to repair and prevent anticorrosive wood flooring?

1. Large-area anti-corrosion wood: If the floor is large-area anti-corrosion wood caused by various reasons, and the amount of water is large, please notify the customer service of the floor manufacturer while cleaning the site, and remove the floor in the shortest possible time. Because rooms other than bathrooms and kitchens are generally not waterproof, it is necessary to clean up the water on the ground as soon as possible to avoid soaking downstairs and causing greater losses.

2. Local anti-corrosion wood: cut off the water source and clean the water on the ground in time, observe whether the floor has obvious changes, and if there is obvious warping reaction, the floor manufacturer can be notified to perform partial replacement, and the worker will perform partial removal according to the site conditions and calculate Provide the floor area required for maintenance and calculate the related costs.

3. The floor needs to be replaced locally: before the worker comes to the door, you need to check the inventory and batch of the floor to be replaced, because only the floor with the same color and specification as the original floor can be used, otherwise it cannot be repaired.

4. Overall replacement, partial replacement of the floor: *Fortunately, under the condition of maintaining normal ventilation, let the floor dry for about two weeks, and then reinstall it after the floor is dry. Anti-corrosion wood floor is the name of the finished product after ordinary wood is processed with anti-corrosion treatment. After the anti-corrosion treatment, the performance of ordinary wood floor is greatly improved to achieve the functions of anti-corrosion, mildew, moth and termite. Anticorrosive wood flooring is one of the most widely used outdoor wood. Open-air wooden floors specially used in outdoor environments, and can be directly used in environments that are in contact with water and soil. They are outdoor wooden floors, garden landscape floors, outdoor wooden platforms, terrace floors, outdoor wooden planks and other outdoor anticorrosive wood pergola material.


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