Small details of outdoor installation of anticorrosive wood

Oct. 27,2020

The installed anti-corrosion wood should be preserved in its existing shape as much as possible. If there is a damaged part of the anti-corrosion wood, it must be painted with antiseptic and outdoor protective coatings for protection; because the anti-corrosion wood is semi-finished wood, its rough part should be After a period of time after the completion of the construction, wait for the moisture content to drop below 20%, and then sand it again. After cleaning the surface of the anticorrosive wood, you can also apply outdoor protective coatings, which will have better quality. Preservatives are processed by preservatives, and whether preservatives are harmful to the human body, and what kind of preservative processing must be selected to be safer, these are probably issues that consumers care about. The early anticorrosive wood used CCA-C wood preservative, which has certain toxicity. At present, the new national wood use standard has been issued, which strictly stipulates the use standard of preservatives, and prohibits the use of pollution sources and arsenic-containing antiseptics Agent. It is recommended to use copper azole, ACQ, Teb wood preservatives. The preservative wood processed by these preservatives has passed environmental protection standards and its toxicity is greatly reduced. You can rest assured to buy. Anti-corrosion wood flooring is one of the main uses of anti-corrosion wood. In addition, anti-corrosion wood can also be used to make other outdoor products, such as tables and chairs, swings, grape racks, and even wooden houses, just like our families abroad. It is common in the courtyard. Nowadays, more and more people in China are living in villas. It is also a kind of fun to set up some anticorrosive wood furniture in their yards. The price of anticorrosive wood furniture is not expensive, and is similar to that of ordinary furniture. Although it looks rough in appearance, it is more in line with the natural style. But will the anticorrosive effect of anticorrosive wood be destroyed by cutting? This is not to worry, because of its processing technology, no matter how you manipulate it, its anti-corrosion performance will not be affected.


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