Solutions for white spots on the surface of anticorrosive wood

Oct. 27,2020

The white spots on the surface of anticorrosive wood are caused by poor moisture and ventilation. Solution: White spots, do not do any treatment now, it will not affect the service life of the anti-corrosion wood itself. When it is winter, use a steel wire ball to polish the white spots off the surface of the anti-corrosion wood and then paint the wood oil again. Do the same treatment in summer. . Anticorrosive wood means that ordinary wood is artificially added with chemical preservatives to make it have anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, anti-fungal, insect-proof, anti-mildew and waterproof properties. It can directly contact soil and humid environment, and is often used in outdoor floors, engineering, landscapes, anti-corrosion wood flower stands, etc., for people to rest and appreciate the natural beauty. It is an ideal material for outdoor floors, garden landscapes, wooden swings, entertainment facilities, wooden planks, etc. , It is favored by garden designers, but with the development of science and technology, Bijie anticorrosive wood is already very environmentally friendly, so it is often used in interior decoration, flooring and furniture. Interior decoration designers also like anticorrosive wood very much.


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