Talking about the application of anti-corrosion wood in home decoration

Oct. 27,2020

The following is an introduction to the application of anti-corrosion wood in home decoration. At present, more and more people in our country have lived in anti-corrosion wood cabins. In addition, they have set up some anti-corrosion wood furniture or other anti-corrosion wood objects in their courtyards, which enhances the overall atmosphere of the home. It is not very expensive. Although the surface does not look smooth, of course and corrosion resistance are its key design styles. In theory, wood with certain anti-corrosion properties can be called anti-corrosion wood, so it is stored There are three types of natural preservative wood, carbonized wood and artificial preservative wood. From a category perspective, preservative wood generally refers to wood that has been solved by additives, that is, artificial preservative wood. Preservative wood flooring can make the atmosphere of home furniture look retro and fashionable Simple. At this stage, the definition of green and environmental protection is advocated. The use of wood raw materials and the enjoyment of real life homes can be regarded as the feeling of the royal family. Naturally, people should be more cherished. Of course, the maintenance of the ecological system changes from quantity to quality. The material itself Decide on the requirements for the loading amount and the environmental protection of the anti-corrosion wood, so the wood types of the anti-corrosion wood must be carefully selected. For example, the Nordic wind wood is produced in cold regions and has an inseparable structure. It has natural anti-corrosion properties. The loading dose of anti-corrosion wood is lower than other fast-growing woods, but its performance indicators are good and suitable for civilian use. Some green plants grow and develop faster, have small root materials and have poor natural resistance. The dosage is very large, the component value is high, and the environmental protection is poor.


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