Ways to prevent cracking of anticorrosive wood pavilions

Oct. 27,2020

The following editor will introduce to you the methods to prevent the anticorrosive wood pavilion from cracking.

1. At the construction site, anticorrosive wood should be ventilated and stored, and sun exposure should be avoided as much as possible;

2. During the installation of anti-corrosion wood, within 48 hours after the wood surface is painted with paint, people should avoid walking or moving heavy objects to avoid forming a protective film on the surface of the anti-corrosion wood;

3. During the design and construction, the air circulation between the anti-corrosion and the ground should be fully maintained, which can more effectively extend the life of the wooden structure base layer;

4. The hardware is made of stainless steel, hot-dip galvanized or copper. Please pre-drill holes when connecting and installing to avoid cracking of anti-corrosion wood. The protective coating of anti-corrosion wood is generally permeable, which can effectively prevent water from corroding wood. The cleaning and protection in the future can be cleaned with general detergent, which will not affect its anti-corrosion performance.


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