What is the cost of making anticorrosive wood pavilions?

Oct. 27,2020

The editor below will give you an introduction about the production cost of the anticorrosive wood pavilion. Although there are many anti-corrosion woods on the market and their prices are different, the direct cause is the type and grade of wood used for anti-corrosion wood. The current usage rate is the highest, and it is also recognized by the public as preservative wood, such as Pinus sylvestris, Douglas pine, pineapple grains and wood. Compared with other wood preservatives, the color sapwood of Pinus sylvestris. Close to white or light yellow or orange. The internal density is medium density, so the overall texture is relatively soft, so the anti-corrosion performance of this kind of anti-corrosion wood is very good, and the price is between 2400 yuan/square-2900 yuan/square. Anti-corrosion wood is the price of many anti-corrosion wood, the average price is 9,000 yuan / cubic. Therefore, most of them are used for decoration, because natural brick red looks beautiful and high-end, so when used with other materials, it can be used as decoration.


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